Supply Chain Services

SUPPLY CHAIN STAFFING: We offer supply chain staffing for all positions including entry level to supervisor and management personnel. Purchasing, receiving and distribution of products throughout healthcare facilities are vital positions that are a key focus of ALM Contract Services. In addition to having the necessary experience, our onsite staff is courteous, clean---organized and driven to complete whatever task is assigned to them.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Through our extensive industry knowledge and expertise we can provide project management services for various sized tasks that span throughout an entire healthcare network or for a single department. Storeroom and supply closet redesign, annual/bi-annual physical inventory, joint commission preparedness and just in time supply conversions are just a few of the projects that ALM can help guide your facility through. No task is too big or too small.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Active resource and inventory management is essential to any healthy supply chain. Through proven inventory management practices and innovative and creative teamwork, the ALM Inventory Management team can take the most complex inventories and turn them into lean and efficient spaces. Our most popular Inventory Management program focuses on Laparoscopic, Endomechanical and Suture (LES) management. These high cost closure items can cause any facility unnecessary headaches. Let our LES program help manage your high-end items today.

IT Services, Consulting and Education

IT ON-SITE STAFFING: ALM has dedicated and trained IT staff to perform various services on-site for full-time and part-time IT positions, at competitive wages. Our team is experienced and can support nearly any hardware or software issue. Don’t let a shortage of IT personnel slow down your day to day work.

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: In today’s fast paced healthcare market, a healthy supply chain is only as good as the information it can provide. Don’t let a slow and outdated MMIS system slow up your workday by having to run frequent reports. Our Business Intelligence platform can provide real time data at the click of a button. No more searching through thousands of lines on multiple spread sheets to get the information you need; the Business Intelligence platform can provide the information you need in a fraction of the time.

ALM 360: ALM 360 offers the newest in handheld technology. Our handheld technology increases revenue, cut costs, and allows you to gain control. For ordering and replenishment; Simply SCAN your items to replenish inventory, SEND your order through your MMS system and TAKE DELIVERY of your scheduled order. ALM 360 also has the capability for cycle counts and physical inventory.

EDI CONSULTING GROUP: Our experienced IT Staff work closely with GHX (Global Healthcare Exchange) and a handful of other Vans (Value-added Services) for Electronic Data Interchange. We can assist in set up or inquiries.

UDI CONSULTING GROUP: The team is also well knowledge with UDI (Unique Device Identifier) as we belong to many workgroups through AHRMM (Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management), which includes direct contact with our Prime Vendors and the FDA. These work groups keep us up to-date on the requirements, with discussion and resolution.